Temporary Construction


On Going Procurement Opportunities

  • Temporary Stair
  • Scaffolding
  • Temporary Signage
  • Pest Control
  • Drinking Water Vendor
  • Dust Control Measures – Water Trucks
  • Supplemental Clean-up Services
  • Breakfast/Lunch Trucks


  • Chain Link/Green Screen to United Site (Rental)
  • Equipment Rental to King Rental (MBE)
  • K-Rails to Pro-Cast
  • Storage Containers to U.S. Container (MBE/SBE)
  • Temporary Power 1 (Electrical) to Morrow Meadows (WBE)
  • Temporary Power 2 (Switch Gear) to RBT Electrical (MBE/DVBE/ SBE)
  • Toilets/Hand Wash Station to SoCal Industries (Rental) (MBE)
  • Tools/Supplies to Ellis Equipment (WBE/MBE)
  • Purchase of two (2) Forklifts from King Equipment Rental (MBE)
  • Site Security to AAA Security (SBE)
  • Temporary Power Design to Morrow Meadows (WBE)
  • Hand Held Radios to Airwave Communications (MBE/SBE)
  • Temp Water to LADWP


How To Get Involved

The formal procurement period has closed for the Museum’s three bid packages. We encourage all interested parties to contact the Project’s prime subcontractors for potential opportunities with sub-subcontracting, supplying of materials and/or other services.